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Navigating the FORUM (General Discussion page)

1. To use the Forum General Discussion page, please register.

2. Remember your Sign In name and Password

3. First you will fill out your Personal Profile. The "Actions" section.. is where you will be able to set up and edit (anytime) your "Profile" (photo & signature) ... and this page will also show you your "Recent Activity" (posts), and "About Me" (a section that you can fill out), and a "Post a Comment" section- -this is a private email feature. It will only be seen by the person your are commenting to and alert them with an email notification, but the folks on the forum will NOT see this message. 

4. Next, to participate on the Forum and communicate with others, please go to the FORUM General Discussion page:

5. You can either comment on an existing conversation by clicking on the topic you are interested in and "Post a Reply" 

6. OR... You can start a "New Topic" on the General Discussion page: 

  • 7. A really fun thing about using this Forum is that you can also include pictures in your "Post a Reply" by:opening a free Photobucket acct
  • uploading your (reduced) picture there so not to use up too much of your photobucket free space
  • copy by highlighting the "Direct" URL link of the photobucket picture you want to insert in your message
  • open the "blue box" next to the smiley face in your Post A Reply toolbar
  • paste the photobucket "Direct" URL link in opened blue box 
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